French Parliament – Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (2010-2012)

Study report on innovation
  • Definition of the global budget of the study (150 k€).
  • Organisation of over 150 private and public hearings. Over 900 people solicited, at Parliament for hearing but also locally in France (Lorraine, Haute-Savoie) and abroad (USA, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland).
  • Study report writing, synthesis notes, statistical work on the two polls gathered during the study report (attitude towards science and innovation of young PhDs and of high school students)

Full report #1[pdf]
Full report #2 Appendix [pdf]
Summary [pdf]

Study report on nuclear safety and the future of nuclear energy
  • Study report writing, synthesis notes, expert committee organisation, discussions with the MPs (51 members of the House and the Senate), central administration and the nuclear safety agency ;
  • On-site audit of numerous nuclear powerplants and the La Hague, including one unannounced audit by night of a nuclear powerplant and handling of the following written report and press conference ;

Interim report [pdf]
Recommendations of the interim report [pdf]
Final report [pdf]

Other work done
  • Public hearing on “l’apport des sciences et technologies à l’évolution des marchés financiers” (full handling and synthesis report [pdf])
  • Writing of the Appendix to the Plan National de Gestion des Matières et Déchets Radioactifs.
  • Co-lead the public hearing on rare earth materials and other strategic elements;
  • Participation in the hearing of numerous other institutions (CNIL, Investissements d’avenir, AERES, Agence de la biomédecine,…) ;
  • Visit of numerous labs and innovation centers, in Franc and abroad.