French Energy Agency – ADEME (2012-2013)

Cabinet member of the President Fran├žois Loos (former industry minister)
  • Member of ADEME’s management board
  • Speeches and notes preparation
In charge of the energy policy strategy “Vision 2030-2050”
  • Lead the energy policy exercise “Vision 2030-2050” that mobilized the full economic and technical services of ADEME (100 engineers and experts).
  • Energy forecasting for all sectors (buildings, transport, renewable energy production, etc.): systemic approach, fine-grained work on electricity demand and renewable energy development potential, with macroeconomic loopback calculated on the ThreeMe model.
  • Regular reporting to the executive directors and the President.
  • Multiple press conferences (significant media and political impact), and internal training of the local ADEME network.
  • Full technical document [pdf]